What Skills Do Chores Teach Kids?
Aug 16, 2021

Chores can be tedious to get your kids to do. But the life skills they teach kids could be long lasting. This is why parents always ask what skills do chores teach kids.

The quick answer. Chores do in fact teach kids quite a few valuable life skills that may stick with them into adulthood.

And you probably remember doing chores as a kid. It was a regular thing back in the day. However, things have changed a bit when it comes to kids doing chores today.

Did you know that 90 percent of adults did chores when they were kids? That was you and your significant other.

But today, only 66 percent of adults that did chores as kids are giving their own kids chores.

chores for kids

That makes chores not as important as they once were.

Giving kids chores has been shown to be very helpful in childhood and through life. So what skills do chores teach kids? Let’s take a closer look.

Chores teach kids to do their part for the family

Chores are a very effective way to get your kids to understand that every person in the family needs to do his or her part.

Essentially, giving your kids chores helps him or her develop the sense of community that can have big time importance later in life.

From cleaning the family car to helping set the table for family meals, every chore you give your kiddo can make a positive impact on the entire family unit.

Chores for kids emphasizes the importance of responsibility

Responsibility is an obvious life skill chores can deliver for kids. And this responsibility can help your kiddos for life.

With responsibility comes a sense of ownership that is essential to growing up too. By giving kids chores, you are giving them their own responsibilities.

In a way, it is not about the chore itself, but about the sense of ownership and responsibility of completing the tasks.

Giving kids chores can help them develop positive self care

Giving kids chores like washing dishes or vacuuming are great. But what about chores that involve them on a self care level.

These self care skills chores are brushing teeth morning and evening, bathing, enforcing their own bedtime, and more.

Life skills like responsibility are important, and what could be more important than putting mental and physical health first?

If you have a few kiddos in your family, chores can teach teamwork

Teamwork is another very important life skill that chores can help kids develop. This is especially helpful when you have a few kiddos in the family.

Instead of each kid having his or her own individual chores to do each week, you can give them chores to do together.

Doing this can highlight teamwork and getting tasks done faster when working together cohesively.

Giving kids chores teaches them about time management

As parents, we know just how important time management is. Giving kids chores can really help kids learn strong time management, as well as how to prioritize.

You can put time limits and cash amounts (if you give allowance) on specific chores. This is really handy for chores that may be a bit more challenging too.

If you need help organizing chores and allowance, you can download the Treasure Card app, the educational mobile app and debit card for kids.

What skills do chores teach kids?

This is a very good question that we get a lot from parents. The good news is that there is definitely no shortage of life skills that chores can teach.

From responsibility to teamwork, chores bring serious value to the family table. And instilling these life skills in your kids early on can have a positive lifetime impact.

Do you give your kids chores? Do they get an allowance? We want to hear from you.

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