Top 10 Chores To Get Your Kids To Do In A Pandemic
Feb 13, 2021

How difficult is family life these days? The current pandemic restrictions and the potential for new COVID strain variants on the horizon has many families staying home and staying safe.

This can make chores challenging. And with #FamilyDay around the corner, it may be a good time to review chores for your kiddos. From doing the dishes to cleaning their rooms, chores can bring about a bit of complaining as kids test boundaries.

But stay strong. Kids chores can be made easy with a bit of motivation. One way to simplify chores is to make chores a real job. That means adding monetary incentives.

However, handing over cash for chores may not be best practice. This is where the Treasure Card app comes in handy. Kids can check off chores and quickly see their chore money pile up via our mobile application.

Pairing the technology your kiddos love with chores makes the whole process a bit smoother. Kids can learn the value of the chores they complete, save money, and get a sleek debit card with their hard earned cash at the ready.

Let’s dive deeper into the top 10 chores to get your kids to do in a pandemic. All of which are integrated into the Treasure Card app. Let’s dive in!

Top Kids Chores #1: Clean Your Room

This is always a top chore to try and get kids to do, especially during the current pandemic. Kids are definitely spending more time at home, and more time in their rooms.

You probably try to stay clear of the disaster zone if possible. But this chore can definitely be a beneficial one for your kiddos. Keeping personal space has a big time impact as a child grows.

According to PsychCentral, “Establishing regular routines provides some predictability and stability in life. Knowing how to make and keep order will stand them in good stead during adult life challenges.

Top Kids Chores #2: Take Out The Trash

This is another top chore to get your kids to do during the pandemic. It is simple enough, take trash from Point A to Point B, but getting kids to do this chore may prove a bit difficult. Especially in the colder winter months.

However, a child that takes out the trash is not only earning a few bucks for a completed chore, they are learning the value of helping the family unit. It also frees parents up from doing this task after a long day of working from home, schooling kids, and preparing meals.

Top Kids Chores #3: Do The Dishes

This is a very unique chore for kids to do in a pandemic. Why so unique? It is a family bonding chore that gives you and your kiddo a chance to check off an important task while spending time together.

Doing the dishes is not difficult, but depending on the age of your child, a chore worth helping with due to the fragile dishes and potentially dangerous knives and such. Use doing the dishes time to discuss the day and invest time in what your child has going on in his or her life.

Top Kids Chores #4: Empty The Dishwasher

This top chore is aligned with the above “Do The Dishes” chore. It is a time to bond and discuss what is going on in your kiddo’s world while ensuring safety of your kid, and safety of your favorite dishes, remain top priority.

Doing the dishes and helping empty the dishwasher are not only chores done while a kid. These chores set up your child for future success, learning to be self-resilient and responsible.

Top Kids Chores #5: Clean The Bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom is pretty much on everyone’s “not excited to do” list. From retired adults to kids, cleaning the bathroom is not an ideal chore. But it definitely needs to be done.

This chore kids can do in a pandemic does take a bit of time investment for parents. You will need to set the standard by showing your kids how to clean the bathroom safely and properly. Be ready to put your parental coach hat on for this one.

It is important to not simply stand over your child and instruct them what to do. The first bathroom cleaning session should involve you showing them how you clean the bathroom. Next time, you can do it together. And after that, kids can tackle the chore on their own.

Top Kids Chores #6: Do The Laundry

Did you know that doing the laundry is the favorite task among American adults? That’s right, laundry tops the list above wiping down counters and vacuuming. So why not get the kiddos in on the fun.

This chore for kids, however, does have a learning curve to it. And it is certainly not a task for younger kids due to the handling of potentially toxic chemicals. Think teenagers for this family household chore.

Top Kids Chores #7: Walk The Dog

Walking the dog can have a massive positive impact for kids, making it a top chore if your family has a dog. Walking the dog is definitely great for parents, since it frees up time for you and your spouse. And it teaches kids to care for something else.

But there is a bigger impact to walking the dog, or playing with the family pet. According to a study published in Pediatric Research (2020), walking the family dog is associated with better social-emotional development in young children.

The study noted that, “Young children from dog-owning families had lower peer problems and conduct problems, and higher prosocial behaviors than children from non-dog-owning families.”

Top Kids Chores #8: Pull The Weeds

Let’s keep taking kids outdoors with this next top chore for kids to do in a pandemic. Afterall, your kiddos are probably spending enough time indoors at the moment. Getting them outside can be beneficial for you and them.

Pulling the weeds is a chore that allows them to get a bit dirty while learning the importance of taking care of the home exterior. It essentially shows them how important it is to respect the family home.

Top Kids Chores #9: Rake And Bag The Leaves

This fall time chore is a traditional one that can be fun if you do it as a family. We definitely have a while before this chore makes sense, but it is aligned with teaching kids to respect the exterior of the family home.

The best way to make this chore less of a burden for your kiddos is to make it fun. Rake leaves, but don’t forget the tradition of building a leaf pile and jumping in it with wild abandon.

Top Kids Chores #10: Shovel The Snow

A top chore that is timely is shoveling snow. With winter showing no signs of letting up anytime soon, add shoveling snow to your kid chore list. Like raking and bagging leaves, this can be a fun chore the whole family can get in on. You never know when a snowball fight may breakout during this chore.

There is also a potential for kids to learn a skill that can make them money every winter season. Shoveling snow, raking leaves, pulling weeds, and other outdoor tasks can be easily turned into a kids money making strategy around the neighborhood.

Wrapping Up . . .

The above top 10 chores to get your kids to do in a pandemic can prove valuable as your kiddos grow into adolescence and beyond. They are certainly not the only chores to put into action for your kids to earn money, but they are among the best. What’s on your kid’s chore list?

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