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How It Works



A fixed allowance helps your child to plan, and planning is key to financial success.



Tasks teach kids the value of money. When they've worked to earn it, they are less likely to spend it carelessly.



Kids are paid weekly. A consistent payday provides a key teachable moment for kids.

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Learn by Doing

Kids can track balances and move money around in their Saving, Spending, Giving and Goal accounts with an app designed just for them.

Hands-on learning is the best way for kids to understand how money works.

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Bank of Mom & Dad

Treasure is a virtual money tracker. You don't need to load the app with funds to get your kids using Treasure.

When they want to spend the money in their spending account, you'll need to pay for it and enter the purchase as an expense in the app.

Frequestly Asked Questions

    What is Treasure App?show

    Treasure is a money management app built with kids in mind. We make it fun for kids to learn, and easy for parents to teach, money management. Developing good habits and understanding the value of money is rewarding for everyone in your family.

    Will it work on my device?show

    Treasure is available for all iPhone and Android devices, including iPods & iPads.

    Why should I use the Treasure app?show

    With your help, Treasure ensures your child grows up enjoying financial planning, budgeting, saving, and knowing the difference between wants vs. needs. When kids learn these values as young adults it’s more likely to instill financial responsibility and prevent long-term debt.

    What’s the difference between Treasure app and a traditional bank?show

    Treasure gives you more than the bank. It’s built as a tool for parents to educate their children about money - not just save it and spend it. The app focuses on the save, spend, give, and plan model with hands-on learning. If you want your kids to grow up and be good with money, there’s no comparison to a traditional bank offering.

    Is the Treasure app safe for my child?show

    The Treasure app is 100% secured with industry-standard SSL encryption. Parents know what’s best for their kids, which is why we have easy-to-set parental controls. We’ve designed both a parent and kid view — so kids have limited access, and parents can easily preview what they will see.

    Who is behind Treasure?show

    Treasure was founded in Toronto, Canada by parents who want a better way to teach their kids about money.

    The team behind Treasure has previously launched sites such as RateMDs & Nanny Lane. When Treasure begins launching real-money products, we’ll be doing so in partnership with a federally regulated financial institution.

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Treasure MasterCard

Treasure Card

(coming soon)
We're working hard to bring you a debit card for kids, with all the great features of Treasure built-in.