How To Make Money As A Kid: 6 Money Making Tips

September 8, 2020
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Earning money as a kid can be rewarding for kids and parents. But knowing how to make money as a kid can be challenging, since kids are still kids. Video games, iPhones, and allowance for kids are all in play.

Earning a dollar is certainly different than simply getting a dollar. Parents who encourage their kids to earn money may be setting them up for financial success down the road.

Allowance for kids should still be a thing. However, earning a buck can help kids develop respect for money. And as parents, we know just how important financial skills are.

Why can’t kids get allowance and earn money? There are allowance apps for kids, like the Treasure financial app to track and help kids and parents manage allowance and earnings.

If your kiddo is ready to earn some mulla, the following outlines how to make money for kids. Let’s get to it!

1. Expert Dog Walker

Well, maybe not expert, but if your family has a dog, your kiddo is probably pretty familiar with the dog walking process.

And most neighborhood families with one or two dogs would be more than happy if someone came by a few times a week to walk their furry family member.

This how to make money as a kid tip could net $5 to $10 per walk. With a few dogs on the weekly schedule, a kid could make in excess of $30 per week. It is also great for dogs to get more exercise while socializing with someone outside the family.

2. Garage Sale Event Manager

People have a ton of junk in closets, garages, and even storage units. Why not let your kid manage garage sale events for community members.

Your neighbors will be happy to get rid of unused stuff and get a bit of money for it. This could earn a kid 10 percent to 20 percent of the garage sale profits. Definitely a win-win!

3. Seasonal Lawn Mowing Service

This could be a seasonal side hustle, or an all year gig, depending on where you live. This how to make money as a kid tip is an oldie, but a profitable goodie for kids.

Your family probably has a lawn mower that could be put to use more regularly with your kiddo mowing lawns in the neighborhood.

If your kid is a bit too young to operate a gas or electric lawnmower, you can get the classic no engine, push blade grass cutter to ensure safety is priority number one.

Kids can earn $10 a lawn, times quite a few mows per season. This is certainly a lucrative money making opportunity for kids.

4. Build Birdhouses And Sell Them

Who couldn’t use a birdhouse? This is another great way for kids to make money, and it can lead to fun family projects.

Making a bird house is certainly not easy. Your kiddo will definitely learn the value of craftsmanship and dedication to work building birdhouses to sell. And a single birdhouse could fetch a good amount of cash.

5. Professional Car Washer

Car washing is another traditional way when it comes to how to make money as a kid. Some families in your neighborhood will gladly let your kiddo wash their cars for $5 a pop a few times a week.

Why? No one likes a dirty car, and spending $10 to $15 at the local car wash can add up fast.

The entry to this kid side hustle is also pretty cheap. All a kid needs to get his or her professional car wash business up and running is a sponge, bucket, and soap.

Allowance for kids may already include washing the family car, why not let them make more washing cars in the neighborhood?

6. Farmers Market

Farming is not just for the real farmers. The rise of farmers markets in local communities has opened the door for kids to make money for farming and selling fruits and vegetables.

If you have a little piece of unused backyard, or if there is a community garden close by, why not let your kiddo plant, harvest and sell his or her farming fruits of labor?

From tomatoes to cucumbers, there are plenty of profitable veggies a kid can sell to make money. And it teaches them the importance of sustainability.

How To Make Money As A Kid Is Rewarding

The above how to make money as a kid tips are a few of the easiest and profitable side hustles. They are, however, only the basics.

Kids live in an incredible digital age, and some kids can also make money with a blog, YouTube channel, and even off of their social media influence. The options now are traditional, as well as digital.

If your kids are making money other than what he or she is getting for allowance, check out Treasure, a financial app for kids that helps him or her learn great spending and saving habits early on.

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