Additional Fees

We've worked hard to ensure it's possible to use Treasure without incurring any fees above our monthly fee.
However, there are a few additional fees you may encounter.
Monthly Usage
Monthly Top-Ups$0.00A monthly top-up is included in your plan.
One-Off Top-Ups$0.50When you load your wallet outside your monthly top-up.
Weekly Payday$0.00Weekly Paydays are included in your plan.
One-Off Spending Load$0.50When you load the card (a.k.a Spending) outside weekly Paydays.
Cash Withdraw
Domestic ATM Withdraw$2.50When pulling cash at an ATM in Canada. Limit $200/day & $1000/mo.
International ATM Withdraw$5.00When pulling cash at an ATM outside Canada. Limit $200/day & $1000/mo.
Replacement Card$20.00Ordering a replacement for a lost or stolen card.
Foreign Currency Fee2.5%Additional fee when using the card abroad.
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)$29.00Fee charged when a transaction is declined from your bank.

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