5 Personal Finance Blogs For Moms Worth Following

April 9, 2020
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Family and personal finance is a pretty big deal for moms. Even more so now. Many families are impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, and the result has been a decrease in financial wellness. Mom, dad, or both heads of the household are getting less hours, or have lost jobs altogether.

Moms are often seen as non-certified financial account managers in the family unit. This makes them the likely candidate for a bit of online personal finance due diligence. Shifts may need to be made to keep your family financially afloat in the months ahead.

Personal finance blogs for moms, published by moms, is becoming a sounding board during these uncertain times. To help, we compiled a few money-mom blogs worth following. Let’s get to it.

personal finance blogs for moms.png

1. Thrifty Frugal Mom

The first personal finance blog for moms is Thrifty Frugal Mom, a blog dedicated to all things frugal. Lydia, the mom blogger behind this treasure trove of frugal tips and tricks, posts about simple living.

From budget homemaking to setting up viable saving plans, Thrifty Frugal Mom has something for every mom, in most situations. There’s even a frugal recipes section.

One of Lydia’s most recent posts 9 Things We Gave Up To Get Out Of Debt Fast certainly proves useful in these uncertain economic times. And this same post can be used at any moment as well.

2. Penny Pinchin’ Mom

Penny Pinchin’ Mom is an easy to consume journey of how Tracie, the mom author of this blog, became financially smart. This personal finance blog for moms is all about money saving tips, and even a bit of couponing tactics.

There are blogs about money, family, lifestyle, DIY, recipes, and more. If you’re a mom looking to save more money as a family and budget smart, the Penny Pinchin’ Mom is a great online resource.

Tracie’s retirement and investing section is another bonus. From avoiding retirement mistakes to investing with less than $100 to start, there are some sound personal finance recommendations for new moms and veteran moms alike.

single mom finance blogs.png

3. The Budget Mom

Many moms can relate to how challenging and time consuming planning and implementing a family budget can be. But The Budget Mom can help ease the headache.

The real game changer for this personal finance blog for moms is that Kumiko, the mastermind mom behind it all, is actually an Accredited Financial Counselor.

Not only does Kumiko serve up financial planning and budget advice, but she also has the expertise, other than being a mom. If you're a mom looking to level up your family’s personal finance, The Budget Mom is worth following.

4. Wealthy Single Mommy

Emma Johnson is the creator and author of Wealthy Single Mommy. It’s a mom blog that focuses on mastering being a single mom while building long-term wealth. Emma and Wealthy Single Mom has also been praised by some of the top media outlets like U.S. News.

From credit and debt to dating and parenting, this money-mom blog is a must-read, especially if you’re a single mom. It is inspirational to say the least. Emma has also published a #1 bestselling book, The Kickass Single Mom.

money mom blogs.png

5. The Minimalist Mom

The Minimalist Mom is a personal finance blog geared towards moms ready to declutter. And this decluttering applies to home and life. Rachel is “the minimalist mom” with the tips and tricks for every mom to buy less and open up new spaces in the home.

Rachel’s first question is, “Do you dream of clean countertops and lots of space for everything, but can’t shut the top drawer of your dresser?” Living a minimalist life and increasing financial wellness go hand-in-hand in many ways.

The Minimalist Mom serves up a number of financial tips and tricks. The blog post, Minimalist Finances and Getting Out of Debt is worth reading, especially if debt is beginning to pile up for your family.

What’s Your Favorite Personal Finance Blog For Moms?

Moms have a lot on their plates. From professional kid wrangler and chef to personal finance manager, moms still somehow make things happen. But as every mom knows, having a bit of mom-support makes a big difference.

The above personal finance blogs for moms are only a few. There are definitely a ton more online to seek out. Each blog is different, you just need to find the one that resonates with you the best.

What is your favorite money-mom blog? Our Treasure App team wants to hear from you.

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