Is My Kid Ready For A Prepaid Debit Card?
Jun 24, 2021

Graduating from cash to a prepaid debit card can be a big moment for your kid. It is certainly a milestone that gives kids responsibility with a cool prepaid debit card.

Is my kid ready for a prepaid debit card? This is a question many parents ask. You may be giving your kiddo or teen your card on occasion. But when can they have their own?

When is the right time for a kid to get a prepaid debit card? Well, there are definitely some telltale signs to be on the lookout for.

If your kid or teen is ready, you can check out our Best Debit Cards for Teens blog, outlining the best debit cards for kids and teens in the U.S. and Canada.

But if you’re still undecided if your kiddo is ready, keep reading. From kids already earning money to forward financial thinking, let’s dive right in.

My kid keeps asking for my debit card

This is the top sign that your kid is ready for a prepaid debit card. If he or she is always hounding you for your debit card on the weekends, it is time.

And if they are not asking for your debit card, but asking for, or needing cash constantly, a prepaid debit card for your kid may be the solution.

You might also be running into the problem of paying for things for your kids with their earned money. This can be a tracking nightmare.

Having their own debit card can eliminate the problem of you not having your own card when you need it. It also gives them new financial responsibility.

Your kiddo will start understanding the need to save, add money, and budget spending. The prepaid debit card from Treasure Card and mobile app can prove valuable here.

My kid needs a debit card to save the money they earn

Kids are getting an allowance earlier than ever before. In fact, a wealth management expert recommended kids begin getting an allowance as early as five years old.

If your kid or teen is already earning money by doing tasks at home, or earning money on their own, he or she is ready for a prepaid debit card.

The reason your kiddo may be ready is that they need to understand the value of saving that hard earned money. This can give him or her excellent spending habits.

There is even a tech element too. For instance, a prepaid debit card is often tethered to a financial mobile app for kids.

The financial app and prepaid debit card for kids allows them to track the allowance they earn, set up savings, and begin their journey toward good money management.

My kid may be spending too much money

This is a big reason behind why parents set their kids up with a prepaid debit card and financial education app for kids.

Having his or her own debit card can bring saving money and spending too much into perspective pretty fast. How?

The balance is not endless, like in the case of giving your kid or teen your own debit card. Instead, they only have the money they earn to spend.

Having a prepaid debit card also eliminates overspending. Not to mention the safety it can provide for your kiddos.

One frightening example is a kid that spent over $16,000 on iPad video game in-app purchases. With a prepaid card, this can’t happen.

No money saving talk needed. Your kid will learn quickly that saving money is ideal in order to buy what he or she wants.

My kid is ready to buy things without parental supervision

This is a sign that your TEEN is ready for his or her own prepaid debit card. Part of the independence and new responsibilities of a teenager comes with personal spending.

Did you know that nearly 50 percent of teens use a mobile money app to manage their own money? This is why a prepaid debit card for teens is a must.

Yes, every teen is different. However, giving teens the ability to strive and/or make money mistakes early on is critical. It serves as a learning experience.

The good news for parents of teens is that you can also monitor your teens saving and spending via a financial education mobile app and prepaid card.

My kid already seems financially savvy and I want to offer support

Last, but certainly not least, your kid is ready for a prepaid debit card if he or she is already making financially savvy decisions.

This simply means that your kiddo is already thinking about money management, saving allowance, or any money earned, often to make a big purchase.

This is a telltale sign that your kid is ready for a prepaid debit card. Let them practice more saving and great spending habits with his or her own card and mobile app.

Is my kid ready for a prepaid debit card?

In most cases, your kid is ready for a prepaid card. However, it is important to pair that debit card with a financial education app for kids.

This financial education mobile app for kids can help them track and save better. It also gives parents the ability to track and monitor spending and saving with their kids.

Set your kids up for financial wellness. The more they learn now, the less bad spending and saving habits down the road. Learn more about our Treasure Card to get started.

We share weekly tips, tricks, and lessons to help children learn the golden rules of finance.

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