4 Creative Ways To Make Chores Way More Fun For Kids
Apr 1, 2020

Chores — The six letter word every kid hates to hear. In fact, the very thought of doing chores can be a nightmare for kids. And the displeasure of doing chores will most certainly be known throughout the household.

In the wake of coronavirus, unhappy kids at home can be even more stressful for parents. School very well may be done for 2020, and your new remote work role has the family on top of one another 24/7.

But chores still need to be done. After all, chores instill a sense of work ethic, playing an essential role in growing up. How do you get your kids to like doing chores? Is it even possible?

The good news for parents is that there is hope. With a bit of creativity and tactful planning, you can get your kids interested in doing the six letter word they can live without.

Let’s take a look at a few creative ways to make chores way more fun for kids.

1. Create a rewards program for all chores completed

This is the most obvious, and in many ways, the most effective way to make chores more fun for kids. You may be thinking that this falls under his or her allowance, but it is a bit different.

A rewards program lets kids see how much they are helping out by tracking progress and earning rewards points. These rewards points can then be traded for cash.


For example, let’s say your 8-year old son has completed five chores in a week worth seven points in total.

Your son can cash out and buy that toy he has had his eye on, or he can choose to roll the points over for an extra point or two. This not only rewards kids in a fun way for doing household tasks, but also helps parents teach kids the value of saving.

There’s an app for this! Download the Treasure App and make doing household chores way more fun for kids. Available for Apple and Android smartphones.

2. Have a family fun scavenger hunt to get things put away

Who doesn’t like a good old fashioned scavenger hunt? This is one creative way to make chores more fun for kids when it comes to tidying up the house. And parents are encouraged to join in on the family fun at the start too. How does this work exactly?

First, parents need to make a list of quick daily tasks for kids to do. This could range from tidying up toys in the playroom to arranging the sofa pillows after TV or movie time.

Once these tasks are on paper, tell your kids that whoever gets all the tasks marked complete first wins.

If you have one child, don’t worry, you can still have a scavenger hunt. Set a time limit for him or her to complete the scavenger hunt tasks in order to win. What do kids win? Have a grab bag of toys from the dollar store at the ready.


3. Make Your Kids Cleaning Superheroes Of The House

Kids love to dress up and play characters they see on their favorite television shows or movies. From Super-girl to Batman, kids emulate these characters. Why not use a bit of reverse psychology on them when it comes to doing chores?

To make chores more fun for kids, make them super cleaning superheroes. You can opt for cleaner-man or cleaner-woman, fighter of household messes. Equip your kid with reusable, rubber gloves, mask, goggles, and don’t forget the cape.

4. Send kids on an epic cleaning adventure with their smartphones

Another creative way to make chores way more fun for kids is to give them a sense of adventure when doing them. Why? Kids love adventure. To put this clean up adventure into action, parents will need to put their creative caps on.

First, you will need to draw out a treasure-style map of the house. This map should have each room drawn out in a fun way with plenty of X’s marking the spots of each area of household chores needing to be done.

Next, go to each room and take pics of the areas. For example, take a pic of toys on bedroom floors, or the video game console, controllers, and video games spread out chaotically in the family room. Be sure to have a pic of a reward at the end.

Then arm your kids with the map and images via text message, or social media message, for them to get started.

Are you making chores fun for your kids?

Making chores more fun for your kids is important. Maybe now more than ever, since parents and kids are spending more time together. The above creative ways are just the tip of the iceberg, but some of our favorites.

Make those household tasks fun. You certainly won’t regret it. Happy kids equals happy parents.

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